love safety

Safety is a condition of being protected from anything that has the possibility to cause harm, danger or injury. Safety simply refers to the state where preventive measures are taken against likely danger.

I know some people might not agree with this, I know a school of thought feels that Safety is something beyond human reasoning and others think it should be left in God’s hands.

Why talk about safety: As at 2015, auto crashes were the 10th leading cause of death worldwide [according to World Health Organization]

In 2013, 1537 fire incidents were recorded in Nigeria, in the year 2014, 1621 fire incidents were recorded and it’s still on the increase. Just recently, October 2nd 2017, a mother lost 2 children due to the use of candles at home.

The Federal fire service has reported a 5.95 billion Naira loss in 5 years, due to ignorance on safety measures, this money could have been spent on other important things. Education is very important, that is why Altitude energy has deemed it fit to put out this blog to educate and inform the world on the latest safety happenings.

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