seat belt

Yesterday, I was in a commercial bus [ popularly known as Danfo in Lagos] for a total of about forty-five minutes, I love sitting in the front passenger’s seat, this particular ride was no exception because I sat in front as usual.

It was an uneventful journey except for the fact that for about forty minutes into the journey neither the driver nor I wore a seat belt until we came close to a LASTMA [Lagos State Traffic Management Authority] checkpoint, the driver asked me to use the seat belt then he also strapped his. That was not even what baffled me, when I tried to strap the belt I realized that it was worn out from the clamp, I could only put the belt across my shoulder and seat on top of it.

If you live in Lagos and you ride the public transport often, I’m sure you will be familiar with this kind of experience.

I’m really concerned about the population of people who take these public transports and how unsafe most of them are. According to a report by Nigeria Bureau of Statistics, in 2016commercial vehicles account for 53.8 percent of total vehicles population in Nigeria.

There is a need for everyone to know the use of seat belts in a car, Let’s stop the habit of using the seat belt to escape the FRSC or LASTMA’S fine, seatbelts are put in vehicles to help save lives.

I remember in 2006, an uncle and his wife were involved in an accident in his sleek Mercedes 230, it was reported that the car somersaulted over four times but when the whole thing was over, he and his wife came out of the car with multiple injuries but the seat belt restrained them from jumping out of the windshield – which could have led to their death.

Bottom line:  On entering a vehicle, be sure to use the seat belt before driving [not because you have the law enforcement agents ahead of you but because your life matters.]

Be Safe!

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